Kate is a young woman with a dark past confronting her inner demons which causes her to  fight to regain control of her family.


She slowly unravels her past and finds herself in the center of a bizarre love triangle with only one way out.

In theaters 2018  

After a rescue mission gone wrong, a jaded firefighter connects with a ghostly visitor while rehabilitating at a mysterious facility and is transported through time to find the only thing saving him from losing his mind, is his realization of true love.



In Pre - Production   


Max LeRoux, an eccentric, young musician, chronicles his family’s colorful rise and fall in the music industry as takes center stage for his sold out mega rock concert thus fulfilling his family destiny.  Icon is a journey seen through generations of a musical family tree spanning from the early 1900's to present day.






This feature length documentary that contains interviews with some of Hollywood's most iconic directors talk about and with Jonathan Baker .


The film explores the process of filmmaking from the ground up through the eyes of top directors as they tell their story of their first time making a feature film in the director’s chair. Then Jonathan takes the chair after listening to their advice and gives his advice though making his film INCONCEIVABLE


Jodie Foster - Nicolas Cage -  Jonathan Baker -Warren Beatty

Faye Dunaway - Taylor Hackford - Adrian Lyne - John Badham


Becoming Iconic :

On-demand  Summer 2020 

produce BY   

                                                                Films in Theaters


Survive the Night   - Bruce Willis  - Executive Producer  











          May 22 2020



Force of Nature  - Mel Gibson  - Executive  Producer 











           June 30 2020    



Axis Sally - Al Pacino  - Producer  








               May  28 2021